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Tall And True Short Reads - A Good Story

Tall And True Short Reads - A Good Story

  12+   Episode 90 (1 April 2024): My first "published" writing was an Enid Blyton-Famous Five-style adventure story, Sand Island, in 1972. I wrote the story and illustrated it with coloured Texta markers. My aunt, the only one in our family with a typewriter, typed up the manuscript. And my father helped bind and cover the book. I was ten.

I wrote this blog post, shared as A Good Story - Sand Island on Tall And True, in February 2021, one year before the 50th Anniversary of "publishing" Sand Island as a ten-year-old in 1972.

As I revealed in the post, the story was inspired by my love of Enid Blyton's adventure stories, my ten-year-old imagination, and my love of writing. It also helped that I didn't have the modern-day distractions of computers, gadgets, and 24-hour TV.

I quoted paragraphs and dialogue from Sand Island in the blog post, which is why the writing and narration in this episode might sound "a little bit" immature. I also shared photos of my Texta-coloured illustrations in the post, including the four children in the boat rowing to Sand Island while singing, "Row, row, row your boat".

Between you and me, it's just as well I stuck to writing and didn't pursue a career as an artist!  

I also mentioned Sand Island in Episode 88 of Tall And True Short Reads, Finding Inspiration, as an example of my early storytelling.

A Good Story

As I concluded in the post, 2022 marked the 50th Anniversary of my first "published" writing, inspired by Enid Blyton and my ten-year-old imagination.

Reading Sand Island with my middle-aged writer's eyes, I'm pleased to see that the young me understood the five elements of a good story: characters, plot, setting, tension and resolution.

I try to incorporate these elements in my writing today. Even if the middle-aged me sometimes leaves the resolution hanging in what I hope are my good short stories.

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