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Guide to Purchasing Vibrators - Pillows and Sheets

Guide to Purchasing Vibrators by Adutoys

  18+   You may look for different sex toys to spice up things in life – this is also a major step toward improving your well-being as orgasms are important for your mental and physical health. But one of the hardest things is to select the best vibrator.

There are many different models available in the global market. Some sex toys are designed for masturbation and solo orgasm, and some of them are designed to be used in sexual intercourse. These sex toys provide you with a next-level experience.

Things you should consider before buying sex toys

Know your types

There are a variety of vibrators used for different purposes like masturbation, oral sex, and sexual intercourse. Some vibrators even run along with the rhythm of music so you can get an orgasm with your favorite music. There are four general classifications of vibrators mentioned below.

  • External – These vibrators are specially designed to stimulate the external parts of the vagina, such as clit or labia. These sex toys are preferred for those who like stimulating their external parts during penetration or those who don't like any type of penetration. These vibrators come in different shapes, but they are mostly wider to cover more surface area.
  • Internal –Internal vibrators are specially designed to stimulate the internal vaginal parts, such as G-spots; they go inside the vagina to provide penetrative sex. These can be a good choice for you if you like G-spot masturbation or penetrative sex. They are long calendrical vibrators available in different materials.
  • Combo vibrators – These sex toys provide you with mixed features of internal and external vibrators in one sex toy. They are long penis-shaped sex toys with an extra arm that can stimulate your G-spot and C-spot simultaneously.
  • Anal – These sex toys are made to stimulate your internal and external anus to give you an over-the-moon experience. Anus toys have many different varieties, such as butt plugs, anal beads, and many more. In addition, they have a safety ring or base, which allows these toys to pull out from your anus quickly.

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