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Teida's Story by Danielle Corrie

Teida's Story by Danielle Corrie

Teida's Story — Life Through The Eyes Of A Dog

Chapter One - A New Day, A New Beginning

Dawn rises, and a ray of sunlight touches my face. It's warm. The door opens and I wag my tail in greeting as I rise from the bedding. 'Morning Teida,' Annie says, a smile on her face and a mug of fruit juice in her hand. 'Did you sleep well last night?' Stretching, I realize I have been away from Linda for a whole day and night. Blinking and yawning, I watch Annie fill up my food bowl. The same dry food kibble Linda used to give me. What will today bring?

I enjoy my freedom as Annie and I both go outside, the backyard greeting my nose with fresh morning air. A new day and a new beginning. No more chaos. No more fighting for food or attention. No more trying to fit in or defend myself. One on one company with a lady living on her own, willing to share her home and devote her time to take care of me. Annie's eyes, as bright as the flowers around her, reflect the essence of love and understanding.

I love her. From that moment, she is my Mother.

After a run outside in the garden my curiosity is sated and we return to the lounge room. I find a new spot in the corner in between two large sofas where I nestle myself. Mother sits nearby on the sofa, reading. The front door is left open, allowing the cool fresh breeze to find its way inside. I'm interrupted by an unfamiliar noise. Someone is outside, coming towards the front door. Their footsteps are heavy, but somehow sound familiar. It could be Linda! My tail begins to shake in anticipation. The wire screen door opens. Walking towards the front door, I see George. He is holding something rolled up in his hand. What can it be? It is probably something for Mother.

'Hello Annie. Hello Teida! How did you survive last night Here, I have something for you. It's a welcome present. Come and have a look,' George says as he makes his way inside. 'Come on!' What, a welcome present for me? How kind and thoughtful George is!

George unrolls the present onto the floor, and it spreads out, covering the whole area between the two lounges. Something tough that I can't pull apart with my claws. I sniff and put my paws upon this blanket-like object, before sinking myself in further, feeling the soft padded foam beneath me and the rope-like hessian keeping me snug and warm. Now I have made another friend; a big brother or fatherly figure. With both Mother and George's affection comes a sense of belonging, as if I have been here my whole life. With this feeling there is nowhere else I would rather be. I have a place I can call home.

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Mother and George sit on the couch together. Looking in their direction and watching them, their loyalty and friendship shines like a beacon. They talk, and as I listen, I learn they are volunteers for an emergency service organisation. They speak in hushed whispers as they prepare for an important meeting. There is a lot of organisation of people and schedules involved in this upcoming event.

© 2018 Danielle Corrie

Teida, a six-year-old red cattle x Staffordshire terrier dog, came into Danielle's life one day, as well as a very good friend, Garry. Garry, Teida and Danielle were like the three musketeers. Unfortunately, in 2008, Garry passed away from a terminal illness. Teida and Danielle were deeply saddened by the loss of Garry. So Danielle decided to write a book sharing the connection she, Garry and her dog Teida had in the hope it would help others in some small way.

Initially, Danielle self-published her book. But in 2018 she approached New Holland Publishers, who decided to publish "Teida's Story life through the eyes of a dog", a tell-all book where Teida herself shares her life from when she was a small pup to her old senior years. Teida shares her connection with Danielle and Garry, how they went through good times and bad times, happy times and sad times, even discussing issues like grief and loss, faith, hope, friendship and love.

Danielle Corrie

Danielle Corrie is a published author and writer based in Sydney, Australia.

She has written and published the book, Teida's Story - Life through the eyes of a dog, based on her dog Teida, a cross Staffordshire x red cattle dog who befriended Danielle after her original owner gave her away.

Besides being a published author and writer, Danielle was a volunteer member of the NSW State Emergency Service (SES). She has a great passion for nature, gardening, and the environment.

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. ~ Maya Angelou

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