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Teida's Story by Danielle Corrie

Teida's Story by Danielle Corrie

Teida's Story — Life Through The Eyes Of A Dog

Chapter One - A New Day, A New Beginning

Annie and George go inside and I follow them. In front of me I see light colored woollen carpet and blue toned rugs spread far and wide, along the walls and underneath the chairs, lounges and tables. Paintings, photos and memorabilia hang on the walls, displaying compassion and welcoming love. The vapours of an oil burner fill my nostrils. I sniff at everything I pass. In the dining room, I notice a small wooden box with many tiny bottles of scented oils leaning against the legs of a wooden table. Sitting on her sofa, Annie puts her feet up and George sits next to her drinking a strong-smelling cup of coffee. I sit nearby, observing, yet keeping my distance at the same time.

After a short time, George rises, finishes his coffee and says his goodbyes. I hear the front door close, followed by the sound of an engine close by, receding into the distance. Now I know who the white car with the strange markings belongs to. Where is he going? I thought George lives here too?

'Welcome Teida. I hope you enjoy living here with me and adjusting to your new home. It's the first time I've had a dog stay with me. Come on.' Annie stands up, gesturing for me to follow.

She leads me from room to room, her hand occasionally ruffling my ears.

'Make yourself at home Teida,' she says absently, her hand at the nape of my neck. It feels good. 'Tell me if you need to go outside to the toilet if I do not take you out in time.'

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Night time arrives. After a long day full of confusion and change, I am tired. Annie takes me to a smaller room, located opposite the kitchen, near the back door. I find my bedding ready on the floor waiting for me. 'Teida, this is your bedroom. Good night. I'll see you in the morning.' Annie closes the door behind me. I sit and wait a while. Soft footsteps follow, and soon the house is enveloped in darkness. My eyes grow heavy.

The place smells like where Linda washed her clothes – a laundry room. A washing machine sits in the corner, with a sink beside it. This room is all for me. I settle down into my bedding, and between my exhaustion after the day's excursion, and the soothing sounds of the night time chorus coming through the window, it's not long before I curl up, wrap my tail around my body, and go to sleep.

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. ~ Maya Angelou

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