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There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. ~ Maya Angelou

Tall And True showcases the writing — fiction, nonfiction and reviews — of writer and podcaster Robert Fairhead. Guest Writers are also invited to share and showcase their writing on the website.

Share Your Writing - Guidelines

Publishing Guidelines

Tall And True showcases the writing of Robert Fairhead. In addition, the website invites Guest Writers to share and showcase their writing.

Submissions from Guest Writers can be thought-provoking and challenging but must meet our Publishing Guidelines. Content that does not adhere to our Publishing Guidelines or Terms & Conditions will not be published on the website, or, if already published, will be removed from the website.


  • Submitted content (writing, images, comments) must not offend, insult, humiliate, intimidate, threaten, disparage or vilify any person or group of persons based on gender, race, religion, culture, colour, sexual orientation, descent or national or ethnic origin
  • The content must not contain gratuitous violence or profanity, or seek to incite violent or criminal acts
  • The content must not promote or condone domestic or sexual violence, paedophilia or acts of gross indecency
  • Submitted content (writing, images) must not infringe the copyright of other writers, artists or organisations.

Length of Content

  • It is unlikely anyone will read Tolstoy's "War and Peace" on Tall And True. Submitted writing should be of a suitable length to read without excessive scrolling of pages
  • Longer pieces of writing can be divided into chapters. Each chapter will appear as a new page on the website
  • An Excerpt category is provided for Guest Writers to showcase extracts of "War and Peace" length writing.

Format of Content

  • Writing can only be submitted online via the form available from the menu option, Share -> Submit Your Writing
  • At this stage, only English language content can be published on Tall And True. 
  • Guest Writers are requested to spell-check their writing and bio details before submitting them
  • The submission form includes required input fields, marked with an asterisk (*)
  • Contact details must be entered in the appropriate Writer fields on the form and not embedded in the Writer Bio. (Please see our Privacy Policy.)
  • It is recommended Guest Writers provide a headshot photo with their Writer Bio (1Mb max, JPG/PNG format, suitable for resizing to 200w x 200h px)
  • The form allows writing to be submitted in Text Version or as a PDF Copy. All other details must be entered in the form fields
  • One Image/Photo can be submitted with the writing (1Mb max, JPG/PNG format, suitable for resizing to 680w x 440h px)
  • The formatting and publishing of content on Tall And True are at the discretion of our Editors. No discussion will be entered into regarding these matters. However, Guest Writers may Contact Us to unpublish their writing from the website.

Reader Age Classifications

  • The online submission form allows the Guest Writer to specify the age group of the readers for whom their writing is suitable
  • The Guest Writer may choose multiple Classifications, based on their assessment of the subject matter and structure of their writing
  • In the case of multiple age classifications, the youngest reader age will be displayed in the writing
  • If a Guest Writer does not specify a suitable reader age, the default "Adult: 18 years and older" will be assigned to the content.

Example Writing

  • The children's story, The Cat in the Trunk, provides an example of how writing is formatted and shared on Tall And True
  • The reader age classification appears on the first page of the writing
  • The Writer Bio (with a link to contact details) and Overview/Background for the writing are provided at the end of the content (on the last page for multi-page content).

Please note: If you are concerned about any writing or images on Tall And True, Contact Us, and we will review the content as soon as possible.

And remember, as Maya Angelou said:

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."

So, join Robert and other Guest Writers, and share and showcase your untold story on Tall And True.

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